I'm LUCKY because I GOT OUT.

I have SO many friends like you who are HATING returning to the bartending scene. It is NOT like it used to be. The money is no good, and when I was trapped in that life, I could not have imagined what would happen WHEN I got out!
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This is WHERE

I am GOING to take you! WATCH!

Get Ready For A Big CHANGE!

This course will move you from the seedy job as a bartender to a much better life. I moved away from bartending and now run a VERY successful business because I was simply brave enough to believe that I COULD learn how to do something else.

  • Examine Your Past And How You Got STUCK In Bartending

  • Teach You How To Believe In Yourself Again

  • Show You That You Are Worth MORE!

  • Unlock The POWER Of The Universe

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Taking The First Step

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I will be with you in every step

you take AWAY from bartending.

Then And Now

I Promise To Move You Past Bartending For Good!

Bartending is an addiction. It kept drawing me back. The money was good, but the seedy lifestyle made me wonder if I COULD do anything else. Then, I started realizing what I COULD do and how to go after it. I promise to take you through the same process.